• What are the qualification requirements, deposits and fees for GCI communities?
All of this information can be found on our individual community websites - under our AMENITIES section click on the link that says: "Download our community information here!"

• Do you allow pets?
Every GCI community is pet friendly! Please check with the community in which you are interested for pet information.

• Do you have breed restrictions?
Breed restrictions can be found on each community website under AMENITIES. Just click on the link that says: "Download our community information here!" 

• Is GCI hiring?
Learn more about our career opportunities here

• Do I need an appointment to see an apartment?
We do recommend appointments to tour an apartment but it is not required.

• Do I need renter's insurance?
Yes, we do require renter's insurance for our apartments.

• Am I able to apply online?
Absolutely! Just navigate to our Online Rental Application page and choose the community for which you'd like to apply!

• How do I pay my rent online?
Simply visit our Aptexx Portal to get started or login if you already have an account.